Health Information

(download, complete, and bring these 3 forms to your first visit)

  • Dietary help:
    Jeanne Peters, RD, Nutritionist, at 819 N Harbor Dr, Suite 310, Redondo Beach; (310) 373-7830

  • Help for Food Intolerances:
    See for advice on diet sensitivities to gluten (celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity), dairy (casein), eggs, nuts, soy; sugar-free, paleo, vegetarian and vegan diets; and sensitivity-friendly restaurant guidance. You can subscribe to their "Simply Gluten Free" magazine.

  • Stress Management:
    Crossroads Institute for Psychotherapy and Assessment, 2601 Airport Drive, #135, Torrance (424) 201-1600

Book Suggestions
  • Keto Diet, Josh Axe, 2019

  • The Magnesium Miracle, Carolyn Dean, 2014

  • Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Thomas Levy, 2011 (past medical uses of Vitamin C)

  • The LDN Book, Linda Elsegood, 2016

  • The End of Alzheimer's, Dale Bredesen, 2017

  • Nutritional Lithium, James Greenblatt & Kayla Grossmann, 2016

  • The Toxic Tooth, Robert Kulacz, 2014 (root canals, toxic mouth bacteria, & body inflammation)

  • Toxic Teeth, YL Wright & JM Swartz, 2016 (gum & jawbone disease, toxic dental materials)

  • Mercury Poisoning, David Hammond, 2013

  • Dirty Genes, Ben Lynch, 2018 (life-style effects on gene function)

  • The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs, Nicholas Pineault, 2017

  • Toxic: Heal Your Body (Mold, Lyme, MCS, Environmental Illness), Neil Nathan, 2018

  • Mold and Mycotoxins, Neil Nathan, 2016

  • The Plant Paradox, Steven Gundry, 2017 (food lectins & intestinal inflammation)

  • The Iodine Crisis, Lynn Farrow, 2013

Genetic Testing
Inflammation & “CIRS”