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Are you interested in integrating natural medicine and nutrition to improve chronic health conditions?

Many chronic health problems, such as the ones on this list, are the result of measurable imbalances in the body's biochemistry that can be corrected by properly focused treatment. They are typically caused by various long-term combinations of stress, poor diet (and “insulin resistance”), inflammation, infections, and/or toxic exposures (whose effects can persist in the body for decades), as well as genetic differences in susceptibility. We are all subject to these influences, whose consequences are often referred to as “diseases of civilization and industrialization”. US health care costs are $2.6 trillion per year, 80% of it for chronic disease care.

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINEfocuses on improving body functioning by using scientific methods of Clinical Nutrition, based on molecular biology and supported by published medical studies, to combine natural medicine and nutrition with conventional medical science, in order to analyze and correct the causes of these imbalances by helping the body to repair biological damage.

By contrast, conventional medicine is primarily oriented towards acute illnesses and injuries. It typically treats chronic conditions by just reducing symptoms rather than correcting causes, using drugs that can cause side effects without fixing the underlying chronic disease process. (Although drugs have important uses, they cannot repair biological damage.) Also, there is often a lag of many years between emerging basic medical science research and applying it in medical practice (except when it involves a profitable new drug). (Don't confuse scientific Functional Medicine with the many questionable cures and junk science being marketed by a variety of poorly-trained practitioners.)

I design individualized lab-based programs including nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes (and better ergonomics for musculoskeletal problems) to address chronic health problems. I use only scientific methods and health counseling supported by medical research, with no invasive procedures. Every case (and every person) is different and needs an individualized approach. Depending on type and severity, treatment programs generally 
require at least 6-12 months or more, and generally need to be monitored & adjusted periodically by additional lab testing.

(NOTE: Functional Medicine is NOT a substitute for Primary Care or Emergency Care, which you should continue to obtain as needed from your usual medical providers or by calling 911.)

Click one of these References to help change your dietary habits:
Jeanne Peters, RD, Nutritionist, at 819 N Harbor Dr, Suite 310, in Redondo Beach
(310) 373-7830
Rene von Gunten, NTP, CPT, at 2066½ Hermosa Ave in Hermosa Beach
(424) 259-2680

For help in coping with stress:
Crossroads Institute for Psychotherapy and Assessment, 2601 Airport Drive, #135, in Torrance
(424) 201-1600

Wesley G Bradford, MD, MPH

Clinical Assistant Professor
Dept of Family Medicine
Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
Torrance, CA

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