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OFFICE VISITS (by appointment only):

 First Visit: At least 2 hours (depending on complexity) (Fee $300)
  • Click the Book An Appointment Online button on the right side of this page; create an account, then choose appointment type, date & time.
  • Before your First Appointment, please download and complete all 3 New Patient Paperwork PDF Forms, and bring them to your first visit, to save time. NOTE: Please fill out the 3-Day Diet Diary over 3 days in advance, rather than from memory at the last minute.
(I apologize for the paperwork, but this saves us time during your visit; it’s the most efficient way to get the detailed information I need for your visit to make a correct assessment in order to design an effective individualized treatment program for you.)
  • Please download my Diet for Good Health handout, for your own reference.
  • Bring any relevant outside medical records to your first visit.
  • Bring your current medications and nutritional supplements to your first visit.
  • Bring a list of your questions and symptoms to discuss.
  • Toward the end of each visit, I will discuss recommended lab tests, nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes, estimated timelines and costs involved, and answer your questions.
Return Visits: Usually 1 hour (depending on complexity) (Fee $100)
  • Click the Book An Appointment Online button on this page. (Log in, but don't create a duplicate account.)
  • Bring a list of your questions and symptoms to discuss.
  • We will review progress, lab reports & treatments, and recommend program changes.

PHONE APPOINTMENTS (instead of onsite visits):

Phone Appointments (with same fees & Patient Paperwork forms) can be provided for some Health-Counseling services:

  • For convenience for out-of-area follow-up (usually 1 hour), after your initial assessment;
  • For telephone response to your health questions if you are unable to travel here for a complete in-person assessment or are unsure whether to commit to a customized treatment program.
  • Have a list of your questions and symptoms ready to discuss.

You can book a Phone Appointment the same way as an Office Appointment, using the Book An Appointment Online button on this page. (Be sure to specify Phone Appointment). I will call you at that specified time (Pacific Time Zone); be sure to provide your contact phone number, and be available then, with your credit card information handy. You should have any relevant medical records with you for reference. (NOTE: I am not able to diagnose or treat medical problems without a prior comprehensive in-person assessment and lab testing, but I will be happy to provide Professional Health-Related advice in response to your questions.)

Payment is due at the time of service.
  • (NOTE: My services are not eligible for Medicare coverage.)
  • Methods of payment are Credit Card or Check.
  • I do not have a billing service, but on request I can send you a "Superbill" form documenting the services provided, that you can submit to private insurance carriers for possible partial reimbursement for out-of-network services.
  • My services are Out-of-Network for all insurance plans and are not eligible for Medicare coverage. The reason is that insurance reimbursement is based on fees for standardized 15-to-20-minute Office Visits, and do not recognize a prolonged time-based Office Visit that we need for doing competent Functional Medicine care. (You have a right to seek another provider who may be on insurance &/or Medicare plans.)
(Some outside lab tests are partially covered by some insurance plans as out-of-network lab services, but patients are responsible for paying any lab-fee balances. I will discuss lab tests and costs before ordering. Nutrition and supplements are not covered by insurance or Medicare.)

Cancellations: If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please notify me at least 24 hours before your scheduled time.

Important Notes:

  • You are responsible for all charges for Office Visits and Lab Tests. (Some tests may be partially covered by some private insurance plans as out-of-network services)
  • Please contact me if you are not clear on any office policies or procedures.
  • I cannot manage medical emergencies. If you have a medical emergency, you must contact your primary care physician or dial 911!

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Cognitive issues? See Dr Bredesen's Protocol,
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