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Conventional Lab Tests:
Occasionally we need conventional lab tests done at a local laboratory. (Usually, patients have already had these done elsewhere and bring in the test reports.) No Test Kit needed for these, but be sure you bring them your test requisition slip from me (unless ordered online), and any insurance information. Be sure to follow any special instructions for timing or preparation (such as “Fasting” — in early AM before eating or drinking anything except water).

Functional Medicine Lab Tests:
Most of our lab testing is done by specialized out-of-state laboratories and requires using their special Test Kit (specimen shipping box), which I will either give to you at the time of your Office Visit or have the Lab ship to you. Sometimes 2 or 3 different categories of test panels must be sent to different laboratories. I will do my best to help you with the specimen collection process and discuss instructions and costs.

Each test kit contains detailed instructions for obtaining your specimens, which you must follow exactly to avoid the need to repeat the test. (Do it right the first time!) Please contact me if you have any questions about how to prepare for and when to obtain your specimens (which may be urine, stool, saliva, and/or serum or whole blood). Urine, stool or saliva specimens can be collected by you at home at a convenient time. If you need a blood specimen, I will discuss where to get your specimens drawn, and the blood-drawing station will do the processing and shipping. Shipping charges and (for most labs) the blood-drawing fee are covered by the lab. Shipping should be early in the week (to avoid arriving on weekends or holidays, which could spoil the speimen).

Each Lab Test Kit requires a Requisition Slip to be submitted with your Test specimen, specifying the exact Test and your Diagnostic Codes (be sure to fill in your patient-specific data before sending the specimen).

They cannot process your specimen unless their form is complete and correct (include your insurance information if needed).
Each specimen tube is required by law to be properly labeled with patient's name and date & time of collection (to prevent lab mix-ups!).

Laboratories prepay shipping of your specimen boxes by FedEx or UPS delivery. (Ship early in the week, and not before holidays, to avoid arrival when the lab is closed.)

Hand your box to an agent at the local FedEx or UPS office before 5 PM (weekdays), rather than to a truck driver or tossing into a bin. (Verify that it will go out "today", not held overnight.)
Specimens required may be urine, stool, saliva or blood, and may require refrigeration or sometimes freezing prior to your submitting them to FedEx or UPS. (Follow instructions.)
Follow enclosed directions carefully on sealing the box & preparing for shipment (except for blood specimens, which are shipped by the drawing station). Call the lab if you have any question on shipping or insurance payment.
I will discuss my test recommendations with you during your Office Visit, and either charge you for the cost of the tests at that time or discuss how you should pay the lab (whichever is most cost-effective). Some lab tests can be covered out-of-network by some insurance plans.
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