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Food Intolerances: See for sensitivities to gluten (celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity), dairy (casein), and other diet restrictions such as eggs, nuts, soy, sugar-free, paleo, vegetarian and vegan. They have advice, support, and free downloadable recipes, and advice on gluten-free food shopping, hidden gluten-containing additives, and sensitivity-friendly restaurant guidance. You can subscribe to their "Simply Gluten Free" magazine.

Watch this video, Toxic Mercury Vapor coming from Dental Amalgam Fillings (by International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology, This illustrates the clouds of toxic mercury vapor released continuously from your mercury fillings into your mouth & body. Mercury is a potent chronic poison that accumulates in the nervous system and kidneys throughout your lifetime.  By today's knowledge of heavy metals, mercury fillings are unsafe and should no longer be used, especially in children.  Removal should be done only by a specially-equipped dentist (listed on website) to minimize further contamination, but can reduce lifetime toxic heavy-metal burden in the body.

For help in changing your dietary habits:
Jeanne Peters, RD, Nutritionist, at 819 N Harbor Dr, Suite 310, Redondo Beach
(310) 373-7830

For help in coping with stress:
Crossroads Institute for Psychotherapy and Assessment, 2601 Airport Drive, #135, Torrance
(424) 201-1600

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