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FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE combines natural medicine and nutrition with conventional medical science, to analyze and correct measurable interlinked molecular biology imbalances in the body that cause chronic health problems. (Conventional medicine is more oriented towards acute illnesses and injuries, and typically treats chronic conditions primarily by reducing symptoms with drugs that may cause side effects, without addressing the underlying causes of illness.)

Functional Medicine promotes natural healing processes in chronic health problems by addressing their underlying imbalances. In medical terminology, these imbalances involve complex interrelationships among hormones, neurotransmitters, oxidation-reduction, detoxification, immune function, inflammatory processes, digestion and absorption, and structural problems. Symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, depression, hormone imbalances and digestive problems indicate underlying biochemical and physiological dysfunctions that are interrelated and gradually lead to chronic disease and accelerated aging processes if not addressed.

Every symptom or disease affects the entire body and can result from different combinations of underlying causes in different people. Applying up-to-date published research and advanced science-based Functional Medicine laboratory testing help us to design a comprehensive individualized treatment program for the underlying causes in each person, rather than just “cookbook” prescriptions for symptoms.

We treat the whole body rather than a single part or organ. We consider each patient’s biochemical individuality as influenced by unique genetic, lifestyle, personal history and environmental factors. Assessment includes reviewing detailed medical questionnaires and specialized Functional Medicine test results, as well as any previous outside tests you may have had.

Customized treatment programs may include combinations of nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes, stress management, bioidentical hormone replacement if indicated, and ergonomic assessment for musculoskeletal problems, along with conventional medicine where appropriate, and is monitored by follow-up testing. Successful treatment requires time, persistence and close cooperation between doctor and patient to get it right.

I have had hundreds of hours of advanced scientific medical training and study on applying these principles over the last several years. I practice conservatively and do not engage in any unproven or unscientific medical practices or invasive procedures. More information on this approach is available at THE INSTITUTE FOR FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE. (I am in the first group of physicians certified by this organization.)
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